Birth Stories – Baby Dylan

Baby Dylan

My water broke on the 17th and of course doctors wanted to induce the next day. I managed to fight scare tactics from doctors about infection and we stood our ground  about the birth we wanted for our little one. I was admitted to hospital on the ward for observation on Thursday.
I walked flights of stairs and spoke to our little one telling him he could take his time and while it would be nice sooner rather than later I would fight to let him come in his own time. Over the next few days I had bouts of minor tightenings but they always stopped and didn’t progress. On Friday morning the doctors ordered an ultrasound (suddenly concerned about how small I was even though I had been in the country for 20wks of my pregnancy and had asked if I should have an ultrasound as I had never had one here- they always said no it’s not needed). The ultrasound showed a decrease in amniotic fluid (obviously) and also that Dylan was quite small which sent them into another frenzy of needing to induce even though my ctgs were all normal and baby was happy as was I. Again I refused unless medically indicative that I should be. This was 72hrs after my waters had broken and apparently 96% of people start labour within 48hrs. I must admitt I did have some emotional days wondering if I really was doing the right thing but the support from Darrin, my mum and rest of my family as well as the skills I gained from calm birth were just irreplaceable. On Friday afternoon I finally started having decent contractions and by the time Darrin had to leave (not allowed to stay on ward) I was feeling like it was definitely happening and was so happy!
I progressed (on my own) for about 12hrs through the night. At 6am I finally had enough of handling it alone and told the staff I was calling Darrin to come in. A lot of the time I was hooked up to ctg machines and unable to leave my bedside. I found it very uncomfy sitting or laying and only relief was in the shower, however I was not really allowed in as I was being monitored all the time. This caused quite a bit of distress however again Darrin reminded me to breathe and get back in the rhythm I was in. Finally at about 10 I was feeling quite intense tightenings and pressure. Still hooked up to machines doctors and midwives were questioning if I really was that far along or not as they couldn’t check if I was as it increases infection risk. Again this was a little frustrating and just another obstacle to overcome. After another twenty minutes I was finally allowed into the birthing unit, however still hooked to machines I was again unable to shower which is all I wanted. As soon as I got in the midwife checked me and I was at 10 and was finally able to stop fighting the urge to push. After 3.5 hours plus of pushing the stubborn little thing, Dylan was born. He was placed on me very healthy and found the breast on his own accord in his own time, just like he made his way into the world. Our little man is growing at a fast rate and is rarely not content.

Thank you for the valuable skills and the belief you were able to instill in all of us that not only my body, but our baby knew what it was doing. It’s proved invaluable. Midwives even congratulated me at doing it our way!

Michelle & Darrin attended classes with Jacqui in February 2013

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Jacqui has been a doula since 2003, a breastfeeding counsellor since 2010 and a Calmbirth practitioner since 2011. Jacqui is passionate about encouraging woman to have positive and empowered birth experiences.

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