NorthShore Calmbirth

The Calmbirth course was recommended to us by my brother and sister-in-law as “the only instruction you will need for your birth and beyond” so after some research we found and booked with Jacqui and it was great advice.  Jacqui was very comfortable with her delivery of material and confident and assured of subject matter.  The small class size allowed for individual tailoring and made for a really personable experience – we learnt about Calmbirth and also got to know Jacqui.  We required some last minute flexibility with our course date as my husband broke his wrist the day before and Jacqui was very understanding and accommodating to our needs and my stress at this time.
Due to the hospital inducing labour we didn’t have the Calmbirth experience that we had visualised, planned and practiced for but the techniques, knowledge and confidence that the course gave us allowed us to control what was controllable and make informed decisions with our daughters birth.  My husband and I really were a team on the day and it was great that he had so much knowledge, input and techniques to calm and encourage me and take control when medical intervention was needed for baby and me.
Even though the birth was tough and our baby had respiratory distress we marvelled on the first night how calm and content she was and how confident and happy we both were. We certainly thank Jacqui for her time, knowledge and expertise and recommend her and the course to anyone we know who’s expecting a baby

Rebecca & Graham
NorthShore Calmbirth

“Jacqui was a huge help after my emergency cesarean. I was nervous about the first breastfeed but Jacqui talked us through it and helped me get my baby attached. It made up for the bonding time we lost while I was in recovery. It was also a great help to my husband to have her there in the first hour.”

Mhairi and Ben
NorthShore Calmbirth

“Thank you Jacqui for the amazing doula that you are. For all the support pre, during and after delivery of our 2 precious boys. Brian and I wouldn’t have wanted to go through either birth without you. Your care and attention to detail for my well-being was very much appreciated and the hard times were made easier with you being there to support us both.”

Sue and Brian
NorthShore Calmbirth

“Sometimes it feels as though ’we couldn’t have done it without Jacqui’ is not an exaggeration. With such a long labour she was truly a wonderful support. Jacqui has the perfect energy for a doula: non-judgmental, positive, light and able to have a good laugh too!”

Tiggy and Justin