North Shore Calmbirth® recently relocated to Hong Kong!

Classes will begin in May 2017.

Our vision is to share the knowledge that allows parents to discover the joy of birth.

Jacqui James the founder of North Shore Calmbirth® has been supporting couples through the transition to parenthood in Sydney for over 15 years. In 2003 Jacqui qualified as a doula with Birth Central, and in 2005 as a post-natal doula with The Australian Doula College. In 2010 she completed a Certificate IV in Breastfeeding Counselling and  became a Certified Calmbirth® Practitioner in 2011. Jacqui brings a wealth of practical experience to her classes  having worked in many Sydney hospitals. Jacqui enjoys  sharing her knowledge and believes that in her classes you will learn the truth about birth in a friendly and relaxed environment. Read more about Jacqui James.

What is Calmbirth®?

Calmbirth® is a simple and effective method of childbirth preparation.

Calmbirth® classes educate couples on how women’s bodies are designed to give birth. Calmbirth® teaches couples to work together effectively during labour using such techniques as relaxation, breathing and visualisation. Calmbirth® will allow you to approach your birth calmly and confidently. At Northshore Calmbirth® we empower couples to discover the joy of birth. Our classes are small and friendly to ensure you get the individual attention you need. More calmbirth® info.

What is a Doula?

A doula is an experienced birth companion.

A doula offers emotional support, wisdom and encouragement, during pregnancy, labour and immediately after the birth.  Our doula service includes 2 pre-birth meetings during which time we discuss what type of birth you would like and how we can best work together. Once labour commences we will be in contact via phone and Jacqui will come to you when you think you need extra support. This will usually be at your home and we will transfer to hospital together. Once your baby is born Jacqui will stay long enough to assist with the first breastfeed. Once you are home Jacqui will visit again to debrief the birth and offer support through the transition to parenthood as required.

What we offer

North Shore Calmbirth

Calmbirth® Classes

Calmbirth® classes are offered over 2 weekend days. Cost HKD4000.

Doula services available please email jacquij21@gmail .com